Who We Are

Learn about our story, what makes us and our pastries special, and where we are located so you can get your cake now!

Serving the Northern Virginia Community

We are a home-based business in the Northern Virginia region, serving NOVA, Washington DC, and Southern Maryland. We currently provide pick-up or delivery options, depending on the destination. We encourage your support towards our small business and happily welcome new orders!
We appreciate all of our regular and new customers whose support has continued our growth and expansion. We hope to establish a permanent location and pastry shop in NOVA wherever opportunities lead us in the near future. Thank you for being part of our journey and we hope to add some sweetness to yours.

Our Story

Jenny Martinez is the founder and owner of Tres Leches House. About a decade ago, she decided to embrace baking for its versatility and dive into a field with unending possibilities. She has been a devoted baker for over ten years and has refined the art of a particular cake: Tres Leches. Through countless trial and error, different cake styles and prepping methods, her delicate and delicious Tres Leches Cake has become the hallmark of Tres Leches House.

Jenny’s love for baking is part of every cake and an indistinguishable ingredient in her pastries. Of course, given her extensive experience, Jenny crafts many types of pastries which you can also order. Her cakes make any special or ordinary experience beautifully delightful.